USkiis is an Institutional University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System (U-SKIS). It was developed at the University of Utah's Marriott Library. It tracks ".pdf" original document files, records communication, and saves Publishers' archiving policy statements to determine what may be added to an institution's repositories. This version is written in PHP v.5.5 and is accessed via the Web. It is written in a "procedural" rather than an "object-oriented" style, without a framework of a particular kind. This makes it easy to share and modify. We use a MySQL database, the framework of which is easy to build using the enclosed "sql" script.

Steps to unpacking the distributed file: 1. This file is a TAR/gzipped file. 2. Make a directory on a server for the programs to live. 3. Copy the downloaded "irwf.tar.gz" file to that directory. 4. uncompress the file ala tar -zxvf irwf.tar.gz 5. This will make a series of smaller files of PHP source code and ReadMe text files.